Faith Meditation

Start your meditation practice today by reconnecting your body and mind with an intention to breathe in faith and exhale doubts. Do a few rounds of this and go on to the next part.

After connecting with your breath, write down three examples of when your faith was made stronger because of something God did. Let your mind wonder over these examples without focusing or directing your mind to a specific event.

Allow yourself to just drift in this serene space feeling the love of God surround you. When your mind drifts outside your intention to breathe in Faith, go back to the example that keeps coming up strongly.  Dwell there. Don’t try to analyze it. Save that for later.

Once you are ready slowly open your eyes or sit up if you were lying down. Now that you’ve observed its time to analyze why one example stood out more than the other two.

Ask yourself:

  • What lesson did I learn?
  • How did God use that moment to show me more of who He is?
  • Who needs to hear how God moved in my life (my testimony)?

End with a  prayer of thanks and ask God to continue to guide you into an even deeper relationship with Him.

I would love to hear from you and any thoughts you may have. 

Blessings and Peace- Randa 🙂 

Disarming Failure

Disarming failure is like an escape room where you have all the puzzles but solving them seems overwhelming. At first. Digging deeper you begin to see how each puzzle is related and escape is possible! Of course, puzzles of the mind and soul are in a league of their own since we’re solving puzzles we can’t see. For example, our past fails can haunt us making sure we fail in our present moments-thus a vicious cycle begins. Escaping this cycle is simple: begin with the first puzzle.


We, human beings,  are the first puzzle. Each day begins with us making choices spanning mundane to life altering.   Some of those choices will lead to failure. You may miss a deadline on the job or lose an important relationship, but the clue is in the behavior. In personal habits that made sure we responded in one particular way. Claiming our part in how the end played out does wonders shedding light on how we can adapt to generate positive outcomes. Taking responsibility isn’t a fate worse than death since Christ is willing to help carry the weight and show us the path. All we have to do is ask Him.

 1st Puzzle Solution: Meditate on Success

We had a part in why a failure occurred, but WE ARE NOT A FAILUREs. Fear of failing will keep us trapped in a “game over” mode with no chance of escape. Take time to visualize success through meditation, write down what you’ll need so nothing is last minute- prepare to be the best so you will be.  Where our eyes look is where we go; look at your goals and don’t let fear hold you down as you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God did not create us with no purpose in mind. Remind yourself daily that you have an impact to make on this earth! Trust God to lead you down scary, long, and exciting roads

Blessings and Peace Randa 🙂

No More Self-Doubt!

  We are forgiven in Christ as the first step into a new life of purpose. Yet we can be worn down by self-doubt when we linger in past mistakes. Bad choices will try to remind us of negative results as we try to climb out of the doubt and even try to convince us no greatness lies ahead. This is a waste of our time. The reason why is simple: We need to apply the lessons we’ve learned from our past to new challenges today. In God’s word, He states clear “I am about to do something new. (Isaiah 43:19)”. Join me as we learn how to disarm 3 traps that create self-doubt.

First trap that creates self-doubt: Idols

A short example of mine is a pastor I went to on guidance about a spiritual gift let me down when he didn’t take me seriously. When I was dropped and my seeking guidance treated as a joke I realized the pastor had been an idol to me.  God in chapter 44 of Isaiah says “Who is like me? Let him step forward and prove to you his power. Let him do as I have done since ancient times…”  He goes on to say “The person who made the idol never stops to reflect..” Reflection comes too late after the hurt when doubt has planted its seeds. 

Rooting our doubt takes time because continuing to pursue our goal seems pointless. We become deluded and think “If so and so had helped me I would be more confident.” Why let a human hold you back? God is our father, power source, and all loving creator who longs to see us do well. He has greatness in store for us if we will just choose to keep going. When doubt begins to nag at you try some of the ideas below to remind you that God is all you need to succeed and will send help when it is needed.

  • Write the promises of God on note cards to reinforce Gods word in your heart.
  • Pray for opportunities to prove those useless idols wrong and meditate on what your success looks like.
  • Try new techniques to create growth and have fun learning, don’t focus on the end goal. Enjoy your journey!
  • Make a list of I Am statements (ex. I am a daughter/son of the king,  I am powerful through Christ, I am loved by almighty God, I am equipped for success).
  • Know you are not alone in how you feel. There are tons of people who struggle with self -doubt.

Let me know in the comments or on Facebook how you combat self-doubt in your life. Join me again for how to disarm Failure. 

Blessing and Peace- Randa 🙂

The Saviour you need, not the Saviour you want

Christ has risen giving us victory over death today. Because of Christ sacrifice, we are given eternal life and a million second chances. While many of us know these basic facts, how many of us are readily available to admit God’s way is right in face of temptations we face and when our plans are frustrated? I know I need a lot of help in admitting Gods right only because I get what I need from God confused with what I want from God.

What we want and what we need are vastly different. This contrast is heavily seen when it comes to our prayer life.  Praying without ceasing can become ineffective if we treat our prayer time as rubbing a genie’s lamp. God is not granting wishes, He’s transforming us into His holy likeness which means we are denied the easy way every time. Praying for strength in our spiritual character means we will face situations to practice a skill we don’t possess.  

Think of it this way, we don’t grow when life is easy or when we get everything we want. Influences of the world around us make it harder because easy has become the goal for daily life. Easy commutes, easy ways to pay, easy ways to search… the list continues. As followers of Christ, we are called to a higher standard of living. We walk a narrow path that cleaves the unnecessary dead weight we don’t need to make room for the great blessings God has promised His people if they will abandon their way of life to following His footsteps.

Daily Challenge: Read the passages you do read normally, but read them as they are with no devotional tone. Allow the scripture to reveal who Christ really, not who you’ve been told He is or think He is. Or how you wish He were. Meditate and pray for God to reveal Himself to you.

Blessings and Peace :)- Randa!







In Defense of Being Single.

“You’ll change your mind when you meet the One.”, “You don’t want kids? That will change when you get married.”, “You don’t want to be alone do you?”,  and many other varieties of these phrases have been hurled at me since I’ve decided to stay single. And NO, I’m not choosing to stay single until my “prince” comes because God has prepared us both for the great journey of marriage. I choose to stay single because I want to.  If there is anyone out there like me I’m writing this to encourage the single to stay strong when well-meaning people offer their “advice”.

Family, friends, co-workers, etc. can’t help themselves because they don’t understand that singleness  isn’t a curse. They see single as a temporary disease, a defect caused by bad examples and go so far as to suggest you join the singles group at church to meet people. Prayers go up imploring God to guide you since no man is an island. Here’s a newsflash: Being single is a gift (1 cor.7:7)! God’s path for us who are single is to remain this way and for others God wants them to be married: different is good.

Not getting married doesn’t mean missing out nor does it mean we who follow Christ can share our what God gave us with whoever we please. The purpose we strive for will differ from single to single. Having a freedom to pursue this divinely given goal is reason enough to fight for being single.  It can be lonely and make even the stoutest single doubts, but I am here to encourage you to not allow loneliness to taint the life you live. You should never be with someone just to avoid emotions instead pursue ways to enjoy your hobbies with other people and make some new friends. Invite someone from work to hang out or take that class you’ve been eyeing.

I’ve seen marriages where loneliness wasn’t avoided but amplified. I’ve also seen how marriage has brought out the best in both people. Still I don’t want marry as I know myself  and what I want out of life, what God wants out of my life.  Being single  is a special gift given to strong believers because knowing who you are in Christ and as a person makes a target out the believer from the church and the world.  Think salmon swimming upstream.Singles have figured aspects of their lives out because they take the time to minimize distractions. Most people I’ve met looking for a mate are distracted by past relationship let downs, crazy exes, and trying to impress the next guy/girl.

That’s my take. Let me know in the comments what you think!

Blessings and Peace,  Randa 🙂


What’s That Smell-My Morning Meditation

Mediation is joy and the ways to feel such joy depends on the practitioner. I like sound when I can’t turn my mind off, yet I’ve been captivated by scent and not sound. Since discovering my inner tea lover just the smell of black tea is all I need to transport me to a safe place. Each morning can just mesh with the day, no real start just that I woke up. That changed this past week as I discovered the value of silence.

Getting up early is a chore I’ve struggled with my whole life yet has a higher value now. At 6:30 I get my tea ready and while it steeps I let myself ignore the clock, the fact I have to be at work soon and generate a mental barrier between me and the world. For 30 minutes it’s me accompanied by golden silence. Once I begin to drink the tea I focus on my breath emptying my mind to create a clean slate for the busyness of the day ahead.  Reading my devotional bible I use this time to pray seeking guidance for the day. Just this much “me time” is enough. This is my meditation practice now. I wonder what changes await me in the next evolution?

However you mediate, celebrate your journey by giving into what gives you joy! Walk and meditate, journal and mediate; use essential oils, sit in the sun… whatever moves you.

Let me know how your practice has grown in the comments or on any of my social media links! I would love to hear from you.

Blessing and Peace-Randa 🙂

Spiritual Fitness Trackers

Getting in shape has never been as difficult as it is now. There are over 100 trackers to choose from based on “science” a company has performed to recommend themselves. Yet, how can we track if our faith is growing? Just like a review on a website for a fitness tracker is our review of our faith in Christ influencing others? Imagine getting an email showing in a chart how your faith increased or impacted others. It would be terrifying and wonderful to know how I’m doing faith wise, what do you think?

Much like a bullet journal is a great way to help track good habits, how we respond to stressful situations is one way to track our faith. I know I have a ways to go when my first reaction to a red light is…well, it’s not something I can write on here.  A secondary reaction I use is just shutting down emotionally to avoid a situation until I feel ready. Tracking my reactions I’d say I rely on my own strength too much and use Christ power as a backup generator.  Who doesn’t want to be superhero right? Only as humans we have many weakness to zap our powers.

Track It Mediation

Pray for light to remove shadows and invade the darkness to better track spiritual growth.

From there embrace the best you can what you are shown. Stay as long as you want focusing on your inhale and exhale. If a pattern of behavior stands out make that your intention for the week. Let there be a week when you dismantle a stronghold  in how you live your live.Day by day track the times you choose to take a different course of action.

End by praising God for working through you as you begin to change, ask Him to guide you.

P.S  Leave a comment below with how you track your spiritual growth. You can contact me on Facebook, and  on google+.

Blessing and Peace, Randa 🙂