4 Easy Steps to Start a Meditation Practice

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Welcome to Meditated Faith! I am glad you stopped by to learn about this amazing tool that transforms lives. But before we begin let me explain what meditation is: Meditation helps us clear the mind and create space to reprogram the brain to work more effectively so we can make decisions that align with our intentions and relationship with Christ. Keep reading to find out how.

  • Pick a Time.

Because we lead so many different lives it is vital you pick a time that suits your life and needs. Instead of feeling frustrated when starting a mediation practice be open to trial and error. Remember to enjoy mediation instead of treating it like a to-do list item to check off. Think of it as a mini-vacation and visualize a calming image.

  • Journal.

Like dreaming, mediation presents to us the landscape of our minds for us to observe without judgment so we may make needed changes or reveal a truth.  Using a journal to track you observations will make reflection easier. It helps to write our prayers as they are not just whispered words with no substance, but are  now a formal request.

  • Pick a Posture.

Search for mediation postures and you will find a whole list of them. Try a few various postures to find the one that works for you because if your tense or your knees you won’t reap any benefits. Try laying down  for a night mediation to help you sleep or walking if you sat at a desk all day. Whatever works for you will only increase you desire to make mediation a habit which is the goal.

  • Have Patience

Starting this journey deeper into your faith and your relationship with Christ will require patience because it goes against modern culture along with our overactive minds. Mediating helps us “take captive” negative thoughts we want to change because we are taking the time to observe them which leads to us being aware of the danger they represent.  Remember, change doesn’t happen overnight.

To help you get started applying the above information here is a simple practice:

Pray as you normally would then, state your intention out loud. It can be “I will be fearless.”, “I will walk in peace and joy today.”,  or ” I will embrace open doors God puts in front of me.” These are just examples, feel free to include those you’re praying about in intention statements as well.

Next, Sit comfortably in a chair or on a cushion (a bed works fine). Begin to breathe and notice if your breath is choppy or smooth. Inhale and exhale letting your thoughts flow through without engaging them or linking them to others. Now state your intention mentally and ask God to provide His wisdom about the intention and continue to breathe however long you are comfortable.

Once you are finished make notes in a journal concerning your intention and any revelations you had while meditating. Mention your emotions before and after you meditated or even rewrite your original prayer to track how God has moved in your situation. 

That’s all you need to do to meditate successfully! My prayer is your relationship with God will grow from learning to tune in to His still small voice. Thank you for reading this post and feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you!


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