Shaking the Foundations!


Choices such as how we dress, how we think, how we manage our time, and how we spend our money is all part of how we see ourselves: our perception. You may not have a positive body image, think your stuck in a job you hate or feel you’ll never stop smoking… the list is endless and personal for each of us. Yet there is hope! We can overcome and be set free from damaging perspectives and just like we did with rooting out bad habits, we  can use meditation to change these perceptions.

As humans “we see things imperfectly, like a puzzling reflection in a mirror.” (1st Corinthians 13:12) Over time puzzling reflections become reality stealing our peace and convincing us of destructive lies. Instead of allowing negative  perceptions  to drain us of the transformational power we posses lets take back that power starting TODAY!  Doing so will increase your focus on what matters most: “…faith, hope, and love.” (1st Corinthians 13:13)

Shake Your Foundation Meditation

    Start praying as you would normally with a focus on the damaging perspective you want to change. If you’ve chosen to journal, record your perception and how you want to change your point of view. Record your prayer as well if you’d like.

    Begin to tune into your breath and notice if it’s choppy or smooth. Aim for an even inhale and exhale. Start by just observing your thoughts and not engaging them. Keep in the back of your mind to look for patterns, key words, and images regarding your perception.

    Every now and then out loud or in a whisper say: “I will overcome. I will be set free.” Visualize each perception as a chain and with each word see that chain breaking  and a healing light spilling forth. Use each breath as a building block to support the new life giving perception.

    Spend as long needed in todays mediation as the amount of time is irrelevant. Once you are ready focus back on your breath and one more time say: ” I will overcome. I will be set free.”

    Cement todays progress by journaling any reactions or revelations. Write down actions steps you can take today to overcome and beside each destructive perception write a life giving perception. Use as a resource on days when you seem stuck in destructive patterns of thinking.

Thank you for taking time to pour into yourself and for reading. Please feel free to comment as I would love to hear from you!

Blessing and Peace- Randa:)


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