Moments of Peace


Moments of Mindfulness

We don’t always have enough time to dedicate to our meditation practice or prayer life the way we envision. Or feel pressured we aren’t praying/meditating the correct way in the correct amount of time. Adding in Christmas to-do list only shortens this time, so how can we pencil in moments of peace? Keep reading to find three methods that already exist in our daily lives.

1.Hot Cocoa Second

Take a break from being run over aisle after aisle and cursing at red lights as you rush to get to the mall for last minute deals and drink some cocoa. Hit up the best hot cocoa place (or coffee if you prefer) for some much sought after moments of peace. Decide to enjoy the watching the hustle and bustle of life buzzing around you. Meditate on reasons your thankful this Christmas by let this moment be a gift to yourself. Allow the feeling of rushing to the next store or gathering take back seat.

2. 3 Minute Selfie

If your traveling or hosting this year take a 3 minute selfie just for you and I don’t mean taking pictures of yourself for three minutes. I do mean picking out three beauty items that you can use in the morning and at night to re-set your mind. Each morning and night I use these 3 items as a transition and meditation to signal a change in intention for AM and PM. Taking this little amount of time to invest in looking your best re-centers your energy plus ensure you have a leg up for those holiday photos looking glowing and gorgeous!

3. Faith Craft Jar

Nothing in stores impressing you or seem to say “You mean the World to me!”? Inspired by the James L. Rubart book The Long Journey to Jake Palmer,try this unique last minute gift packing a meaningful punch filled with heart. All you need is a flat surface mason jar, labels that stick to outside, hot glue gun, and a small to medium figurine that will fit inside the jar. The only rule is the figure has to remind you or represent the person you are making it for. Write on the labels positive messages and scriptures to encourage them. Now throughout the year they will have a gift that truly keeps on giving.

How does this jar center us and give us a moment of peace? Simple, while we are encouraging others we are reminding ourselves of the true meaning of the season: Love. The love of a Savior, Jesus Himself, that created us and would by His sacrifice save us from ourselves and imbue us with His power to overcome this world. Enjoy pouring your love and appreciation into the jar so those we love never feel without it.

Merry Christmas!- Randa 🙂





3 thoughts on “Moments of Peace

  1. The Art of Spaces says:

    The is wonderful! I just wrote something similar, in a fashion, on my weblog. I really like the idea of the jar of wishes gift, may have to do that!


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