Hero’s Heart

As kids we look up to action stars, painters, and rock stars as hero’s that convince us what jobs we want when we grow up, yet I believe there’s more. A quality or personality quirk oozes out them keeping us coming back years later when life has already taken a few punches at us. One hero of mine is Sheriff Ethan Burke from Wayward Pines. I love his pursuit of justice and how attune his sense of right and wrong are. Among other admiral traits is his love of family and protecting them against all odds.

Today’s meditation is about using these positive traits from beloved hero’s  to help motivate is us changes we want to make in our lives. If you are like me and let fear take root easily focus on a fearless hero or someone who becomes brave. Let your hero (fictional or otherwise) be a guide to transforming  who you want to become. God bless you on your journey.

Hero’s Heart

a.Using the traits of your hero write out the top three that come to mind in your journal. Include a picture if you want.   Now begin tuning in to your breath- aim for a smooth inhale and exhale.

b. Actively search your mind for an example for each of the three traits you wrote down. Spend a few minutes on each with a focus on how their actions, that specific quality will apply to a situation your facing.

c. Once you have that action in mind let it marinate and start to see yourself embodying that trait. Drift along with the current instead of trying to control the visual so new ways of embodying that trait can surface.

Do the same for each example and end your meditation with a prayer of thanks when you are ready. Pray for the courage to continue building fearlessness, compassion, joy, peace, or whatever your goal traits may be. Record any action steps or thoughts you had as a way to keep yourself accountable.

A side note I will add: Positive traits are the goal, as my purpose is to plant seeds of Christ centered positivity.

Blessing and Peace- Randa 🙂




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