Holy Noise

Sitting in simple silence we can access divine connection leading us to freedom. Some meditators will agree 100% with this and others, like myself, will testify that music layers well with divine connection. Any style of mediation  is enhanced when paired with music to help aide  in giving birth to a way of thinking, behaving,  or reacting. As an example, in high school I took karate but hated sparing in front of the class  out of fear of looking stupid. Before class one day I allowed the sound of a rushing river to calm my nerves and began to  “see” myself executing each move with confidence. That  night the teacher commented, “That one remembers what she was taught!”  If your curious how music can help your practice I found a few musical sources to guide you as you begin to layer music with divine connection.


When you don’t feel up to a dance party there is the slower side of EDM where you can relax in your personal trance lounge.  Chilltrax is one of the best sources for meditation since the station is listener supported with no commercials to interrupt like other sources. A mash of remixed EDM, trance, dubstep, and alternative to delight any who hear. Download  Danz Waves on IOS and Android for a zen experience.

Relax Melodies (App)

Truly this app embodies layering! Try a mixture of different sounds that can be combined with a guided meditation for sleep or just centering yourself.  You can even set a timer in the app when for how long to meditate for-very easy to use. I love to use this app on lunch breaks for a short  mediation to re-charge after dealing with job stresses.   You can upgrade to pro for more sounds and mediations. I would encourage thinking about upgrading as the app does provide quality  guided meditations on lucid dreaming, visual meditation, shutting out distraction and more!

Sound Cloud Profiles (Noisy Meditations, Relaxdaily, Zen Music)

Just like chilltrax, these three Sound Cloud profiles have a slow EDM feel, yet offers more with album like access to a full CD of meditation music. All free with some ads that play after a song or two. Love the way each selection has theme: space, nature, water, trance, middle eastern, spa, and jazz. A meditation sample for whatever mood you are in and for whatever intention you are seeking to put into your life.  Relaxdaily’s profile has a track for various purposes like studying, motivation, and yoga to just name a few- worth it to look him up! Just hit play allowing smooth sounds to penetrate into your meditation space where you’re changing your life one intention, one prayer to God at a time.

Have a favorite source for meditation music? Let me know in the comments below! I would love to hear from you.

Musical Meditation

Try mediating with your eyes open looking at a scenic picture.  See where you fit  into that scene, who you are, what are you doing there.

Using soft music let it play in the background while you begin to inhale/exhale evenly. Each deep inhale brining you closer to your intention, to what you’re praying for, to your heavenly father.

Take however long you need, but when you are ready to leave record in your journal if you felt a difference incorporating  sight as well as sound into todays mediation. Did the music distract you? Having your eyes open immerse you more fully into your intention instead just the silent darkness?

Taking this time learning to listen in our noisy world doesn’t mean we don’t hear, it means we become selective and tune out those voices spouting nonsense and values we know to be false. God in the old testament made music a priority going so far as to provide food for singers at the temple. Choirs sang out in worship of God’s glory and the temple goers chimed in at great volumes that were heard far away (Nehemiah 12:27-47). Music was given to us a way to communicate and as a blessing- a holy noise- so this year tune out the false noise  and tune in to the holy noise of Gods great choirs. Feel free to join in. 

Blessings and Peace- Randa:)


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