How Finding Truth Leads to Great Peace


Can you recall any damaging words that loop like a clip on a security camera in your mind? What about some decisions still digging into your soul refusing to let you have peace?Combine those words and those decisions create an identity of who we believe we are.  The truth is an identity rooted in our past, which we can do nothing about, destroys our true identity. It ties us up in knots until we decide to start restoring ourselves each day  by making  choices we can be proud of. Begin the war to reclaim your true nature, who God made you to be.

In 1st Peter ch.2 verse 10 it says we who believe and have accepted Christ as the Son of God belong to Him. I understand that not all people have accepted Christ, yet all of us still have a not so rosy identity we cling too. Even believers in Christ can’t  see themselves in a positive light until God’s truth sinks in. Practice with me today as we meditate away those knots of lies that distort how we identify ourselves.Meditation is a tool to generate healing since it originates with a personal decision to practice.

Universe Meditation

Offer a prayer for courage to overcome a negative identity or just one aspect depending on what is most sensitive. As you breathe evenly envision space expanding before you.  Keep the eyes open with a soft gaze or close the eyes if you feel more comfortable. When you are ready, picture yourself floating in that expanding universe.

Continue to see yourself floating and grab your journal or notepad. On one side write down what you believe about yourself, thoughts that always bring you down. It can be a list or short paragraph. Then, on the other side write down the opposite of what you just wrote. Each truth becoming a healing light in your universe, a star being born to light up the darkness! For example, “I am a failure because I can’t multitask well.” (Lie) vs. I am a detailed oriented person who loves to do the job right the first time by making sure each step is perfect.” (Truth).  For each aspect, search for the truth underneath what holds you back from living the abundant life you can have.

Finish with a prayer of thanks that God is accessible and cares about helping us find the truth. Sit for a few breathes to let these truths sink in allowing time for a heavenly response. Thank you for taking time of your day to invest in yourself, be blessed!

Living in truth can be hard because we grow stagnant in our negative ways of thinking- a sense of hopelessness sets in. I encourage you to never give up fighting for truth since your life matters and who are is your personal brand for others to see. Let that brand be world class, let it be a brand to inspire life-giving decisions leading to fewer regrets. Be proud of the unique gifts given to you so the world is better off than when you came in (Philippians 2:17).

Blessings and Peace-Randa 🙂


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