Learning How To Fail

failFailure. I hate using the word in relation to anything, but the reality is we all fail. I’ve failed in many instances from jobs to personal achievement I set out to accomplish with my whole heart. What I know to be true from my failures is that I learned a life lesson while also learning how to accept grace. Accepting we have a second chance is harder than putting in action life lessons. We are looking for the catch, for the other shoe to drop: we condition ourselves to accept failure. With a lesson, we can make continuous adjustments like an experiment, but with grace its too simple.

Grace is defined as “the free and unmerited favor of God, as manifested in the salvation of sinners and the bestowal of blessings.” This means no work on my part is involved- a concept modern people are conditioned to resist. Everywhere we turn slogans like “Just do it!“, “Get it done!“, “The man on top of the mountain didn’t fall there.” This concept isn’t bad but it can be when isolated from grace. Focusing on what holds us back or caused us to stumble only magnifies the failure. How many occasions come to mind where adjusting your approach made you want to quit because all you focused on was what went wrong?

Once I worked as a leasing agent where occupancy numbers ruled the roost even if that meant not moving someone out on time to keep numbers high. My boss was always on point with corporate when it came to every percentage. That was great because it meant we were off the radar, yet it made me feel all the more a dirty salesman during slow times. When our slow seasons kicked in I felt like a failure since my words and testimonials from current residents didn’t convince them to want to live there. Not to mention a constant battle combating what past residents who didn’t get their way would post on our social media pages. Trying various ways to highlight community benefits and move in special was exhausting. There was no grace, it was my fault, my problem to fix- a challenge. A challenge I grew tired of fast.

A sad fact is failure can be a permanent resident with no respect for the other emotions dwelling inside us. Honestly, I still fight for that balance because of my sales experience; this feeling I’ve failed follows me to others areas of my life daily. Join me in  keeping the faith and fighting your personal battle because “His grace is renewed every day.” Christ sacrifice is my daily reminder I can overcome this since His grace covers me.  Because His grace covers me I can ask for His wisdom, I can have a partner in the process, a healer of old wounds. As a parting note: maybe what we see as “failure” is really Christ calling us out and into the life He has planned for us. That’s my hope anyway.

Blessings and Peace-Randa:)


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