Escaping Discouragement

Ever feel like a crazy guy living in a bomb shelter thinking the government is out to get him? This is how I see being discouraged: trapped and paranoid. Allowing these feelings to persist taints everyday life keeping us from progressing into our best selves. Although discouragement is a natural part of life not taking action to snap out of a trapped mindset will keep us in the bomb shelter.  And just like a doomsday prepper, gear up mentally and physically to fight off the evil effects of discouragement.

Realize your part in the discouragement

A pattern is great for a skirt or fancy suit, but knowing our personal patterns on how we deal with discouragement is crucial. No matter how tempting it is to say “It’s not my fault!” we do have a role in allowing discouragement set in. Maybe jumping into a challenge we know were not ready for at work, getting back with an ex who hurt us, or giving unmerited advice to a friend. Think back to a time when a habit caused you to be discouraged when the outcome wasn’t what you expected. Better yet, what habits caused someone you love to be discouraged because of how you responded or not responded.

Start a list of what is right in your world

List everything that encouraged you from past experience, inspiring quotes and verse’s, and awards you’ve won. Any event or memory that uplifts you. Recite God’s promises regarding what has discouraged you out loud as to dispel bad energy. I do this by thinking about what I have accomplished and what has happened in my favor. My favorite verses to say out loud is who God says I am, not who I say I am.

Don’t Dwell, Get Moving

Take a walk, do yoga, anything that gets you physically moving: STOP thinking about your discouragement! Focusing on your discouragement will lead to rapid growth of a virus programmed to halt your progress of becoming who God made you to be. Have a to-do list you’ve been avoiding? A bathroom needing cleaning? Start there! By completing your to-do list you have a whole list of positive achievements to focus on. Using active movement manifests in the spiritual world a weapon of mass destruction to breaks deadly chains. 

What methods do you use to prop yourself up? Let me know in the comments below.

Blessing and Peace-Randa 🙂


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