My Tattoos

Here’s a surprise: I have tattoos. Five in total with more to come in 2017. Each one has a special meaning to me so I chose to explain the top 3 that represent who and what matters to me most. Do you have any tats? If so, let me know in the comments or go to Meditated Faith on Facebook. The link is at the top of the blog homepage. I hope to see you there!

img_0106-2Anchor:  When I was thinking what I wanted to get  I wasn’t in the best of headspaces.  I’d decided to forgo finishing college,  my parent’ recent divorce, and a strained relationship with my father urged me to seek radical change. Even wanting a tattoo was my rebellion against an out of control life and throwing away old patterns of living. Images of anchors drew me in and made me recall a verse in Hebrews where it says,” This is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our soul.”  Putting a permeant reminder became the obvious choice. Making it look like the anchor was just pulled out of the water or if it was just being put in the water was noticed after it healed.  A blessing I didn’t plan for, but glad since every day I can look at my arm and take courage (pulling out of the water) or take a take a time out to reassess (being put in the water).

Fish hooks: My grandfather died on January 17th two years ago. He loved fishing. As a kid, I would marvel at all the equipment he had stacked in the garage. Bright neon lures in blue, green, red, purple, in shapes of fish, bottle caps, and plain silver fish hooks. Carbon black rods with snow white string prepped for a day on a nearby lake stored neatly on the shelves. If he wasn’t watching Gaither homecomings he watched bass fishing faithfully and read bass fishing magazines. He never got to go fishing much but he did once or twice near the end of his life- my grandmother was not thrilled he went. To honor his memory I wanted a tat to show my love, and that we were forever linked. Even to show that  I would one day be able to fish beside him in heaven.


Mark of the Outsider: Dishonored and Dishonored 2 are in my top 10 of best games ever made! In the game, both Corvo and Emily get the Mark of the Outsider. Other major characters have this mark as well.  Just like the powers granted in-game, God has given me a purpose and abilities to accomplish this purpose.  My tattoo creates in me a feeling of not being powerless. Every day becomes a challenge to succeed and to grow- a chance to upgrade my abilities. Another reason I love this tat is because of the message of the game, at least to me, of overcoming despite what others are lead to believe and that justice will prevail. I could keep writing on the inspiration I get from Dishonored but will store those ideas away for a future post.

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed. And just to pick your brains: who would like a Hogwarts houses meditations series? A total of four meditations tailored to fit each house. Let me know what you think and anything you’d like to see in any future post.

Blessing and Peace-Randa 🙂


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