Surrounded, but grounded!

groundedAquaphobia is fear of water and anything associated with water. Those with Aquaphobia can fear drowning most of all. You may not fear drowning, but all of us have had situations where we were in over our heads. Or at least felt like we were. I started a temp job at a tax agency recently and I just might drown in my inexperience with taxes.  Whatever you are facing where air is a precious commodity, I have a short message for us all today: You won’t drown! You will swim out a shark instead of a guppy!

Meditate with me as we navigate the vast oceans of our lives by grounding ourselves:

With deep breathes focus on a vison of your dream island. Make this island as real and detailed as you can- make this your fortress where you’ll rest once you’ve learned what God has ordained for this time in your life. Hear the waves, feel the breeze, and ground yourself in the gritty sand. Each breath rooting you deeper in the confidence and power you posses even though water surrounds you.  Encourage yourself with examples of success you’ve had so far.

Let growth be your mantra, not voices of discouragement as you work your way through choppy waters. End your meditation with a brief journal session reflecting on the process, not the final destination.

Peace and Blessing-Randa 🙂



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