#1 Life Hack to lasting Change: Hard Work

I hate lifehack articles or 10 way to ­­­_______.  It makes us think we missed something in our quest for a better life, but the truth is there’s no secret. No miracle or magic that will take your day-to-day from blah to brilliant. Nothing but choosing to keep going will keep your momentum from going out when you realize a 10 step program isn’t going to get you out of being lazy.

This is where I find myself lately as I’ve sought out changing how I live out my life at work, at home, and in my spirit. I can go days without reading the bible, give up soda for two hours, do yoga every night for just a few days until I don’t.  After the past, few weeks I’ve realized I’ve been living as if life really could be hacked instead of lived. I’ve also seen how the only way to beat the hyper-reality of life 2.0 is to first take some responsibility then stop avoiding your goal. Because that’s the secret, just to do it. Even if your crawling JUST DO IT!

And no, I’m not quoting Nike. I’m saying own up to YOUR part in why you’re not happy, why you haven’t reached the stars you planned to reach. I’m asking you to delete the slang (You’re a boss! YOLO! for example) and dump the 10 step for the old-fashioned approach: choosing every day to continue out of your Egypt into the promised land God has for you. Life is not hackable because shortcuts are a direct route to trouble.


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