Thriving in Uncertainty

This past week working at my temp job interviewing people about taxes (filing status, what forms they had, any dependents?, EIC/Child Tax Credit questions..etc.) my anxiety was ramped up to a 10 because I don’t know anything about taxes and have to leave hundreds of yellow stickies for the tax prepper. Regarding my faith in Christ, this is an accurate representation of how most of us feel:  All questions with no answers, but learning enough to get by. In short, the Christian life is a minefield.

Because of this minefield, we stay grounded by prayer. We keep the faith the light we hold in front of us will lead us to our purpose as shadows of our doubts and questions close in on us. Still, we walk boldly trusting God to give us what we need to survive, the words to say, plus courage to keep going.  Below are some methods I use when my questions out weigh the answers.

Not running from the uncertainty:

Christianity isn’t an exercise in blind faith, but a faith emboldened by our questions. Just like when you interview for a job you’re supposed to have questions to show you want the job. I love to ask questions when I read a passage in the bible just to have a deeper understanding of what I read. Even when I was mad at God a few years ago I was asking questions and seeking answers.

Trusting what I know:

I don’t know everything nor do I understand everything.  But what I do know and understand is enough for me; the basics of my faith in Christ gives me a strong foundation when I fall down (through my own accord or because life hit me with a tidal wave).  Christ loves me no matter how stupid or disloyal I can be, I am known by name by the creator of the universe, He is always there when I call to Him in prayer, He prays for me from Heavenly places, and  I have eternal value.

All He asks of me to obey Him and love Him in return- the best part is its FREE! Because of Christ sacrifice, I am set FREE and His love is a GIFT to all who will accept Him as their savior.


I read anything I can get my hands on. I love to read out of any activity you can think of, so much a co-worker noticed I was reading in my car and now we are thinking about book swapping. We even read similar books genres! My point is, books (non-fiction or fiction) are my way of elevating my soul out of the muck when I  don’t know what’s coming next. It reminds me there is a happy ending awaiting me in this chapter of my life.





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