Spiritual Fitness Trackers

Getting in shape has never been as difficult as it is now. There are over 100 trackers to choose from based on “science” a company has performed to recommend themselves. Yet, how can we track if our faith is growing? Just like a review on a website for a fitness tracker is our review of our faith in Christ influencing others? Imagine getting an email showing in a chart how your faith increased or impacted others. It would be terrifying and wonderful to know how I’m doing faith wise, what do you think?

Much like a bullet journal is a great way to help track good habits, how we respond to stressful situations is one way to track our faith. I know I have a ways to go when my first reaction to a red light is…well, it’s not something I can write on here.  A secondary reaction I use is just shutting down emotionally to avoid a situation until I feel ready. Tracking my reactions I’d say I rely on my own strength too much and use Christ power as a backup generator.  Who doesn’t want to be superhero right? Only as humans we have many weakness to zap our powers.

Track It Mediation

Pray for light to remove shadows and invade the darkness to better track spiritual growth.

From there embrace the best you can what you are shown. Stay as long as you want focusing on your inhale and exhale. If a pattern of behavior stands out make that your intention for the week. Let there be a week when you dismantle a stronghold  in how you live your live.Day by day track the times you choose to take a different course of action.

End by praising God for working through you as you begin to change, ask Him to guide you.

P.S  Leave a comment below with how you track your spiritual growth. You can contact me on Facebook, and  on google+.

Blessing and Peace, Randa 🙂


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