Disarming Failure

Disarming failure is like an escape room where you have all the puzzles but solving them seems overwhelming. At first. Digging deeper you begin to see how each puzzle is related and escape is possible! Of course, puzzles of the mind and soul are in a league of their own since we’re solving puzzles we can’t see. For example, our past fails can haunt us making sure we fail in our present moments-thus a vicious cycle begins. Escaping this cycle is simple: begin with the first puzzle.


We, human beings,  are the first puzzle. Each day begins with us making choices spanning mundane to life altering.   Some of those choices will lead to failure. You may miss a deadline on the job or lose an important relationship, but the clue is in the behavior. In personal habits that made sure we responded in one particular way. Claiming our part in how the end played out does wonders shedding light on how we can adapt to generate positive outcomes. Taking responsibility isn’t a fate worse than death since Christ is willing to help carry the weight and show us the path. All we have to do is ask Him.

 1st Puzzle Solution: Meditate on Success

We had a part in why a failure occurred, but WE ARE NOT A FAILUREs. Fear of failing will keep us trapped in a “game over” mode with no chance of escape. Take time to visualize success through meditation, write down what you’ll need so nothing is last minute- prepare to be the best so you will be.  Where our eyes look is where we go; look at your goals and don’t let fear hold you down as you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God did not create us with no purpose in mind. Remind yourself daily that you have an impact to make on this earth! Trust God to lead you down scary, long, and exciting roads

Blessings and Peace Randa 🙂


One thought on “Disarming Failure

  1. Very soon you will be getting more likes. But hey, don’t be discouraged by the seemingly few people who have stopped by. For the first time in 3 years of blogging, I decided to check my WP stats. I was amazed to discover that although I don’t tend to get more than 12 comments or likes per blog, that people from hundreds of countries had been viewing my blog. I am an atlas geek so I’ve always got my nose in a map, yet there were countries listed that I had never heard of! Go check your stats. xx


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