Faith Meditation

Start your meditation practice today by reconnecting your body and mind with an intention to breathe in faith and exhale doubts. Do a few rounds of this and go on to the next part.

After connecting with your breath, write down three examples of when your faith was made stronger because of something God did. Let your mind wonder over these examples without focusing or directing your mind to a specific event.

Allow yourself to just drift in this serene space feeling the love of God surround you. When your mind drifts outside your intention to breathe in Faith, go back to the example that keeps coming up strongly.  Dwell there. Don’t try to analyze it. Save that for later.

Once you are ready slowly open your eyes or sit up if you were lying down. Now that you’ve observed its time to analyze why one example stood out more than the other two.

Ask yourself:

  • What lesson did I learn?
  • How did God use that moment to show me more of who He is?
  • Who needs to hear how God moved in my life (my testimony)?

End with a  prayer of thanks and ask God to continue to guide you into an even deeper relationship with Him.

I would love to hear from you and any thoughts you may have. 

Blessings and Peace- Randa 🙂 


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