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With a passion for writing, I started Meditated Faith as a place for spiritual seekers, Christ followers, prayer warriors, and those who just love to meditate to gather and continue to develop a life-changing habit. I am a beginning meditator and yoga practitioner myself but want to share the transformative results I’ve already experienced. In my practice, I aim to strike a balance where I offer my praise and request and also take the time to receive, to tune into to Gods still small voice.

Each post is purposely constructed to deepen your connection to your spirit through an intentional theme you can customize to cultivate in your own life. Feel free to check out my latest post or pick a title that reaches out to you (lefthand side of the page on a laptop and top middle if on a tablet/phone).

Thank you for stopping by! My hope is you take some time to look around and maybe find a post you love.  If you’re not sure where to begin the journey take a look at  4 Easy Steps to Start a Meditation Practice.

Blessings and PeaceRanda