Why I created Meditated Faith

 I was raised in a Christian home and taken to church as a child. My mother would do bible studies with me. But it’s how my mother led those bible studies that impacted me. I was allowed to ask questions instead of feeling indoctrinated. I was able to explore my relationship with Christ instead of being handed a mold to fit in. My mother allowed me to wonder and theorize while leading me back to what God says in His word. This is why Meditated Faith was created. Why I love to write each post an agonize over each word.

   Meditation is a part of my drive to write, but the practice came later after my curiosity to dive into the mind of God. Not only do I see Christ as my savior, father, and best friend but as a teacher who enjoys teaching. Welcomes it! In Mark 12 verses 29 to 30 Jesus commands us to love Him with all our heart, all our soul, and all our MIND, and all of our strength. He isn’t afraid of our questions. If we lack wisdom He gives FREELY to those who ASK

   It saddens me to see believers terminate their relationship because they feel deep down God doesn’t want to hear from them and just rolls the dice with their lives. That He wants slaves to fill a church. As if God is a dictator who hates being questioned. Quite the opposite really: He seeks communication with us. What makes a relationship crash is when two people don’t talk to each other. When the issues that tear them apart aren’t addressed.

   This is why I created Meditated Faith so I could share my thought process and encourage others to get their MINDS involved in their relationship with Christ as well as their hearts.  To think and ponder what God is saying. Not just that God can communicate, but that he WANTS to!

   The enemy of God seeks to destroy the faith of believers(heart) and followers(mind) of Christ.  He attacks the mind so purely intellectual pursuits of God are a pitfall because what we learn about God never reaches our heart.  And a purely heart-based pursuit of God can lead to a faith based on emotion with no proof to back it up when trouble comes. God wants our whole being pursuing Him, not just one piece of us. Imagine buying a desk chair and only using the seat. Not the base or the hardware that holds the chair together.

   Don’t fear Gods wrath will rain down just because you have a question or issue with His word. I have issues when it comes to Ruth, Esther and how women were viewed in the Bible. I think about how this view of women affects the modern churches view on women in general. That the biggest chip on my shoulder. God hasn’t turned me away and He won’t turn you away either. 

What questions do you wrestle with?


Randa 🙂 


Faith Meditation

Start your meditation practice today by reconnecting your body and mind with an intention to breathe in faith and exhale doubts. Do a few rounds of this and go on to the next part.

After connecting with your breath, write down three examples of when your faith was made stronger because of something God did. Let your mind wonder over these examples without focusing or directing your mind to a specific event.

Allow yourself to just drift in this serene space feeling the love of God surround you. When your mind drifts outside your intention to breathe in Faith, go back to the example that keeps coming up strongly.  Dwell there. Don’t try to analyze it. Save that for later.

Once you are ready slowly open your eyes or sit up if you were lying down. Now that you’ve observed its time to analyze why one example stood out more than the other two.

Ask yourself:

  • What lesson did I learn?
  • How did God use that moment to show me more of who He is?
  • Who needs to hear how God moved in my life (my testimony)?

End with a  prayer of thanks and ask God to continue to guide you into an even deeper relationship with Him.

I would love to hear from you and any thoughts you may have. 

Blessings and Peace- Randa 🙂 

Disarming Failure

Disarming failure is like an escape room where you have all the puzzles but solving them seems overwhelming. At first. Digging deeper you begin to see how each puzzle is related and escape is possible! Of course, puzzles of the mind and soul are in a league of their own since we’re solving puzzles we can’t see. For example, our past fails can haunt us making sure we fail in our present moments-thus a vicious cycle begins. Escaping this cycle is simple: begin with the first puzzle.


We, human beings,  are the first puzzle. Each day begins with us making choices spanning mundane to life altering.   Some of those choices will lead to failure. You may miss a deadline on the job or lose an important relationship, but the clue is in the behavior. In personal habits that made sure we responded in one particular way. Claiming our part in how the end played out does wonders shedding light on how we can adapt to generate positive outcomes. Taking responsibility isn’t a fate worse than death since Christ is willing to help carry the weight and show us the path. All we have to do is ask Him.

 1st Puzzle Solution: Meditate on Success

We had a part in why a failure occurred, but WE ARE NOT A FAILUREs. Fear of failing will keep us trapped in a “game over” mode with no chance of escape. Take time to visualize success through meditation, write down what you’ll need so nothing is last minute- prepare to be the best so you will be.  Where our eyes look is where we go; look at your goals and don’t let fear hold you down as you are fearfully and wonderfully made.  God did not create us with no purpose in mind. Remind yourself daily that you have an impact to make on this earth! Trust God to lead you down scary, long, and exciting roads

Blessings and Peace Randa 🙂

Spiritual Fitness Trackers

Getting in shape has never been as difficult as it is now. There are over 100 trackers to choose from based on “science” a company has performed to recommend themselves. Yet, how can we track if our faith is growing? Just like a review on a website for a fitness tracker is our review of our faith in Christ influencing others? Imagine getting an email showing in a chart how your faith increased or impacted others. It would be terrifying and wonderful to know how I’m doing faith wise, what do you think?

Much like a bullet journal is a great way to help track good habits, how we respond to stressful situations is one way to track our faith. I know I have a ways to go when my first reaction to a red light is…well, it’s not something I can write on here.  A secondary reaction I use is just shutting down emotionally to avoid a situation until I feel ready. Tracking my reactions I’d say I rely on my own strength too much and use Christ power as a backup generator.  Who doesn’t want to be superhero right? Only as humans we have many weakness to zap our powers.

Track It Mediation

Pray for light to remove shadows and invade the darkness to better track spiritual growth.

From there embrace the best you can what you are shown. Stay as long as you want focusing on your inhale and exhale. If a pattern of behavior stands out make that your intention for the week. Let there be a week when you dismantle a stronghold  in how you live your live.Day by day track the times you choose to take a different course of action.

End by praising God for working through you as you begin to change, ask Him to guide you.

P.S  Leave a comment below with how you track your spiritual growth. You can contact me on Facebook, and  on google+.

Blessing and Peace, Randa 🙂

Thriving in Uncertainty

This past week working at my temp job interviewing people about taxes (filing status, what forms they had, any dependents?, EIC/Child Tax Credit questions..etc.) my anxiety was ramped up to a 10 because I don’t know anything about taxes and have to leave hundreds of yellow stickies for the tax prepper. Regarding my faith in Christ, this is an accurate representation of how most of us feel:  All questions with no answers, but learning enough to get by. In short, the Christian life is a minefield.

Because of this minefield, we stay grounded by prayer. We keep the faith the light we hold in front of us will lead us to our purpose as shadows of our doubts and questions close in on us. Still, we walk boldly trusting God to give us what we need to survive, the words to say, plus courage to keep going.  Below are some methods I use when my questions out weigh the answers.

Not running from the uncertainty:

Christianity isn’t an exercise in blind faith, but a faith emboldened by our questions. Just like when you interview for a job you’re supposed to have questions to show you want the job. I love to ask questions when I read a passage in the bible just to have a deeper understanding of what I read. Even when I was mad at God a few years ago I was asking questions and seeking answers.

Trusting what I know:

I don’t know everything nor do I understand everything.  But what I do know and understand is enough for me; the basics of my faith in Christ gives me a strong foundation when I fall down (through my own accord or because life hit me with a tidal wave).  Christ loves me no matter how stupid or disloyal I can be, I am known by name by the creator of the universe, He is always there when I call to Him in prayer, He prays for me from Heavenly places, and  I have eternal value.

All He asks of me to obey Him and love Him in return- the best part is its FREE! Because of Christ sacrifice, I am set FREE and His love is a GIFT to all who will accept Him as their savior.


I read anything I can get my hands on. I love to read out of any activity you can think of, so much a co-worker noticed I was reading in my car and now we are thinking about book swapping. We even read similar books genres! My point is, books (non-fiction or fiction) are my way of elevating my soul out of the muck when I  don’t know what’s coming next. It reminds me there is a happy ending awaiting me in this chapter of my life.




#1 Life Hack to lasting Change: Hard Work

I hate lifehack articles or 10 way to ­­­_______.  It makes us think we missed something in our quest for a better life, but the truth is there’s no secret. No miracle or magic that will take your day-to-day from blah to brilliant. Nothing but choosing to keep going will keep your momentum from going out when you realize a 10 step program isn’t going to get you out of being lazy.

This is where I find myself lately as I’ve sought out changing how I live out my life at work, at home, and in my spirit. I can go days without reading the bible, give up soda for two hours, do yoga every night for just a few days until I don’t.  After the past, few weeks I’ve realized I’ve been living as if life really could be hacked instead of lived. I’ve also seen how the only way to beat the hyper-reality of life 2.0 is to first take some responsibility then stop avoiding your goal. Because that’s the secret, just to do it. Even if your crawling JUST DO IT!

And no, I’m not quoting Nike. I’m saying own up to YOUR part in why you’re not happy, why you haven’t reached the stars you planned to reach. I’m asking you to delete the slang (You’re a boss! YOLO! for example) and dump the 10 step for the old-fashioned approach: choosing every day to continue out of your Egypt into the promised land God has for you. Life is not hackable because shortcuts are a direct route to trouble.

Surrounded, but grounded!

groundedAquaphobia is fear of water and anything associated with water. Those with Aquaphobia can fear drowning most of all. You may not fear drowning, but all of us have had situations where we were in over our heads. Or at least felt like we were. I started a temp job at a tax agency recently and I just might drown in my inexperience with taxes.  Whatever you are facing where air is a precious commodity, I have a short message for us all today: You won’t drown! You will swim out a shark instead of a guppy!

Meditate with me as we navigate the vast oceans of our lives by grounding ourselves:

With deep breathes focus on a vison of your dream island. Make this island as real and detailed as you can- make this your fortress where you’ll rest once you’ve learned what God has ordained for this time in your life. Hear the waves, feel the breeze, and ground yourself in the gritty sand. Each breath rooting you deeper in the confidence and power you posses even though water surrounds you.  Encourage yourself with examples of success you’ve had so far.

Let growth be your mantra, not voices of discouragement as you work your way through choppy waters. End your meditation with a brief journal session reflecting on the process, not the final destination.

Peace and Blessing-Randa 🙂