Create Your Altar Space

Now that you’ve picked a space where you can zone out and tune in, there are multiple ways to decorate your chosen space. I have a small table with some ocean themed items to remind me to breathe, to be present. That small table is surrounded by two bookshelves resembling an overcrowded city. Below are materials you can use to enhance your practice and stay comfortable doing so.

Soft blanket, Large pillow, or Yoga Mat

Don’t feel pressured to buy from yoga culture brands as prices can be outrageous instead use a beloved throw or large pillow you already own.  I use my yoga mat and a blanket as support for my practice as I’ve assigned a mindfulness purpose to them. So, if you want to buy a new throw or a pillow with a quote printed on it- do it!  Make your time in mediation count by customizing it to generate real transformation.


Writing down revelations we gain in meditation a crucial part in transforming ourselves. A simple notebook or legal pad to jot down ideas is all you need. If you did want to get fancy you could try a bullet journal with a section attached to a daily to-do list where you write down a special moment you experienced while meditating.

Candles or scented oils

Some meditations use flame while some use oils specifically, but why not incorporate them into a daily practice? I like to spray them around my space before I practice yoga or meditate to set the mood. Some brands state what each oil/candle is meant for but go with what you want to embody in your practice as a guideline. Look at Pinterest for homemade options, too.



Staying hydrated is important for our health and for those of us who don’t drink water like we should linking the two beneficial habits makes it easier when we are off the mat. Think of a bottle of water as your personal ocean, imagine each wave flowing in and out.


Feel free to share what you use to meditate and send me a picture of your altar space. I would love to see the creativity and be able to share ideas!

Blessings and Peace- Randa 🙂


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