Thriving in Uncertainty

This past week working at my temp job interviewing people about taxes (filing status, what forms they had, any dependents?, EIC/Child Tax Credit questions..etc.) my anxiety was ramped up to a 10 because I don’t know anything about taxes and have to leave hundreds of yellow stickies for the tax prepper. Regarding my faith in Christ, this is an accurate representation of how most of us feel:  All questions with no answers, but learning enough to get by. In short, the Christian life is a minefield.

Because of this minefield, we stay grounded by prayer. We keep the faith the light we hold in front of us will lead us to our purpose as shadows of our doubts and questions close in on us. Still, we walk boldly trusting God to give us what we need to survive, the words to say, plus courage to keep going.  Below are some methods I use when my questions out weigh the answers.

Not running from the uncertainty:

Christianity isn’t an exercise in blind faith, but a faith emboldened by our questions. Just like when you interview for a job you’re supposed to have questions to show you want the job. I love to ask questions when I read a passage in the bible just to have a deeper understanding of what I read. Even when I was mad at God a few years ago I was asking questions and seeking answers.

Trusting what I know:

I don’t know everything nor do I understand everything.  But what I do know and understand is enough for me; the basics of my faith in Christ gives me a strong foundation when I fall down (through my own accord or because life hit me with a tidal wave).  Christ loves me no matter how stupid or disloyal I can be, I am known by name by the creator of the universe, He is always there when I call to Him in prayer, He prays for me from Heavenly places, and  I have eternal value.

All He asks of me to obey Him and love Him in return- the best part is its FREE! Because of Christ sacrifice, I am set FREE and His love is a GIFT to all who will accept Him as their savior.


I read anything I can get my hands on. I love to read out of any activity you can think of, so much a co-worker noticed I was reading in my car and now we are thinking about book swapping. We even read similar books genres! My point is, books (non-fiction or fiction) are my way of elevating my soul out of the muck when I  don’t know what’s coming next. It reminds me there is a happy ending awaiting me in this chapter of my life.




#1 Life Hack to lasting Change: Hard Work

I hate lifehack articles or 10 way to ­­­_______.  It makes us think we missed something in our quest for a better life, but the truth is there’s no secret. No miracle or magic that will take your day-to-day from blah to brilliant. Nothing but choosing to keep going will keep your momentum from going out when you realize a 10 step program isn’t going to get you out of being lazy.

This is where I find myself lately as I’ve sought out changing how I live out my life at work, at home, and in my spirit. I can go days without reading the bible, give up soda for two hours, do yoga every night for just a few days until I don’t.  After the past, few weeks I’ve realized I’ve been living as if life really could be hacked instead of lived. I’ve also seen how the only way to beat the hyper-reality of life 2.0 is to first take some responsibility then stop avoiding your goal. Because that’s the secret, just to do it. Even if your crawling JUST DO IT!

And no, I’m not quoting Nike. I’m saying own up to YOUR part in why you’re not happy, why you haven’t reached the stars you planned to reach. I’m asking you to delete the slang (You’re a boss! YOLO! for example) and dump the 10 step for the old-fashioned approach: choosing every day to continue out of your Egypt into the promised land God has for you. Life is not hackable because shortcuts are a direct route to trouble.

Rock Your Wednesday!

If no one else gives you a trophy for making it to Wednesday, I will! You made it and you deserve to know what a feat that is. Even if you work weekends like me (blogging or temping), there is a driving force pushing you toward a full day of rest. A day full of bliss. Keep reading to find out ways to keep your momentum and cross the finish line on Friday.

Rock Hour 

Create a playlist to listen to on your break. Pack it full of tracks that inspire, uplift, or energize- whatever you want.  Music has been proven to help productivity among other work related issues, so don’t forget to include your personal anthem!

Swap out 

After working all day I have a nasty habit of bringing home every task I need to complete or forgot and dreading what surprises lurk ahead. To combat these trains of thought, I bring with me a shirt I can change into or my Cabela’s pullover so I  signal a shift in my physical world from “Get It Done” mode to “Relax” mode. Choose one item that is causal, it can be a necklace, scarf, pair of running shoes, headband, or a pair of jeans. Simply make a conscious shift to set yourself up for a goodnights sleep.

Visual Meditation

Meditate- simply make this a habit for each day of the week to plant seeds of courage to tackle any challenge thrown your way. As you focus on the breath visualize your place of work and see yourself conquering each task with ease. Counter each emotion you normally feel, such as nerves, with the opposite. Just like planning ahead for a trip, do the same for your day.

How do you #rockyourweek? 

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Blessing and Peace- Randa:)

How to be a Minimalist.

Loss and  Downsizing have been married for years sewing seeds of chaos in hearts around the world!  Seeing their destruction,  they set out to heal wounds and ease the pain of those affected by giving birth to MinimalismI’ve bought into the movement recently with a full-scale launch attacking each room and weeding out books, clothes, sentimental junk..etc. My experience so far has been proof I don’t know how to let go. While weeding out books to donate, I kept a book just because of the smell- a musty mix of ink and time perfectly blended. Looking over at bags for donation or dumpster, I thought about where my treasure really is: in heaven or on earth? I thought about what matters to me most.

Minimalism’s core isn’t tossing out all your treasured belongings. You’re eliminating the physical manifestations that success is how much you have. Another personality trait to describe minimalism is how counter-cultural its views are. Instead of success being a new car minimalism suggests we clean the car we have and get new speakers. Easy ways to enhance while saving you the headache of a car loan. Not distracted by an ever-changing standard of happiness, our treasure in heaven is easier to invest in. Kindness, love, peace, and joy are easier to express when we’re not striving to afford what we know we can’t afford.  This doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy life! It just means let God be God in your life and not things.

Here are few ways to start living like a minimalist:

  1. Do a monthly inventory.
  2. Start a donate box.
  3. Track your spending every week.
  4. Start a gratitude journal.
  5. Do a social detox.
  6. Plan your weekends ahead of time.
  7. Clean out apps from your phone you don’t use.
  8. Start slowly with “quality over quantity “as your motto.

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Blessings and Peace-Randa 🙂

Surrounded, but grounded!

groundedAquaphobia is fear of water and anything associated with water. Those with Aquaphobia can fear drowning most of all. You may not fear drowning, but all of us have had situations where we were in over our heads. Or at least felt like we were. I started a temp job at a tax agency recently and I just might drown in my inexperience with taxes.  Whatever you are facing where air is a precious commodity, I have a short message for us all today: You won’t drown! You will swim out a shark instead of a guppy!

Meditate with me as we navigate the vast oceans of our lives by grounding ourselves:

With deep breathes focus on a vison of your dream island. Make this island as real and detailed as you can- make this your fortress where you’ll rest once you’ve learned what God has ordained for this time in your life. Hear the waves, feel the breeze, and ground yourself in the gritty sand. Each breath rooting you deeper in the confidence and power you posses even though water surrounds you.  Encourage yourself with examples of success you’ve had so far.

Let growth be your mantra, not voices of discouragement as you work your way through choppy waters. End your meditation with a brief journal session reflecting on the process, not the final destination.

Peace and Blessing-Randa 🙂


Evict Fear


This will sound stupid, but I’ve never taken a walk around my neighborhood by myself. Being super private I  don’t even walk in the park because I feel enormous pressure to greet fellow walkers. Stupid right? Wound up from a call I received today, I took that brave step and walked around the block for 15 minutes. Thanks to my phone I have evidence of this fact with a few milestone trophy’s- the game is on! Join me today and take one step in evicting fear from an area in your life!

Worried I would be spotted I hesitated on the porch fiddling with my phone.  Now I want to scream at my past self, “GET MOVING!” After walking I was awake, more awake than I’ve been in weeks. Don’t sit down on your fears. Face them and conquer them starting today as life is terribly short. Wallowing in fear won’t cripple you, it will make you a Ripper victim. Whatever you think is on the other side of door #2 isn’t the end of the world, it’s the beginning. 

Right now, grab a pen and some paper, we’re going to play the “What-If Game”. Write you fear on the top with a fierce underline: imagine you’re crossing it of existence. Now write what-if statements like, “What if I do succeed”, “What if I do get that promotion”, and “What if my book is accepted”. Keep going and tape your list where you’ll see it when you’ve finished. Post the list on your social media as well and ask your friends to play along.

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Blessing and Peace- Randa 🙂


Banish Office Stress with Meditation


An office mediation because we all have one person in our work family we’re proud we haven’t killed yet. And because why not make your lunch break productive. All you need is two minutes even if the only break you have is a bathroom break. Take time for self-care; you’re worth it!

Keep reading for simple meditations you can do anywhere, even at work.

a. In a seated position, place palms on your knees or in any mudra you choose. Inhale and exhale deeply to center yourself. Imagine a place you feel safe and connected to the purpose you serve. The image can a hobby you enjoy after work or the success of an upcoming meeting. Make it personal to you.  Use the image to empower you, encourage you on days when you feel less than motivated.

b.Start by recalling a situation from today where you’d like a do-over.  With each breath immerse yourself in the lesson (offer a prayer on what the lesson is if you’re not sure). Give yourself over to God’s amazing grace with each breath. Embrace the millions of moments you have to respond in a fashion suited to who you are in Christ, not to who you are in when ruled by emotions.

c. You just left work and, like me, dreading traffic. Before you pull out and embrace the rage take calming deep breaths. Write your inner script so when you get cut off your not so tempted to scream how stupid other drivers are. Create an example in your mind and visualize some reactions that aren’t rooted in frustration and anger. As your driving, observe the amount of tension in your hands, hips, and face. Intentionally let go of the tension with deep breathes. Compare this drive home to that of yesterday’s- see any difference?

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Blessing and Peace- Randa 🙂