Meditation Myths and 1 Truth


Your mind has to be quiet

I read somewhere that for your mind to be completely quiet you’d have to have a lobotomy. Or be dead. Our minds shouldn’t be set to quiet, instead, we should observe each thought without engaging each one. We can even learn from this flow of thoughts drifting in and out of the gray matter. To better guide wayward thoughts we can use mantras or chants’ in our meditation practice. As an example, chakras have corresponding sounds you can chant to engage each chakra if your focus is on, say, the root chakra.

There is only one way to meditate

This myth is half correct: your breath has to be a focal point for meditation to be done right. We can feel pressured to sit a certain way or that we have to chant, but you don’t. Meditate how you feel comfortable in a way you get the healing benefits of meditation. Create your own mantra, use music and images. Do whatever meets your meditation needs. I love to use yin yoga as a place of meditation since a sequence helps lessen distractions.

Mediation is easy

For those of us who have meditated, we know it is not easy. Today I sat still, breathing in and out looking at a pile of clothes I needed to hang up, cat hair on my yoga mat, and thinking about the dishes in the sink. A long to-do list filled to the brim is just one distraction mediators face. Family members interrupt just as we are settling into a peaceful state with a request or our phones ring.Mediation becomes easier as we learn to see how important self-care is to our overall health. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish when it comes to your health.

Meditation is about escape

No myth to bust here! Meditation is an escape from the general chaos of life, a place of our own making to run to or to use as preparation for the day. When we pray this is essentially what we are doing. We are pulling away from the world to seek guidance, to praise God for the blessing we have, or praying for God to help someone in our lives. Escape away my meditation friends, you’ll be better off than those knee-deep in reality with no way to reduce stress

Share with a friend who may be resisting the powerful pull of meditation and let me know in the comments how you would banish meditation myths.

Blessing and Peace-Randa:)


How to Make Meditation not Boring

blog-postIs your meditation  practice is putting you to sleep? Don’t think your not  any good or give up. Remember, every healthy lifestyle habit gets old. Encourage yourself by referring back to your journal to  keep you accountable and reignite that spark; recall those Aha! Moments. For ideas on keeping your practice alive keep reading. Also leave a  comment below how you spice up your practice, I’d love to hear from you!

  • Guided Meditations or  Audio Devotionals

If silence is  becoming louder than the atom bomb or you need a jumping board try audio mediations. I love to use these when I’m not able to sleep and my brain won’t stop screaming at me about the task awaiting me tomorrow. An audio guide is perfect because there are hundreds on any topic you want. Also, most guided meditations are free-try Youtube, Podcast, and apps.

  •  Start with Exercise

Sometimes sitting down to meditate first only increases our unspent energy. Go for a run, try vinyasa yoga, or lift weights to create room for calm reflection. Even combine yin yoga with your meditation so you get the benefit of stretching while centering you mind. I find moving meditations to be great ways to relax after working all day or on the weekends when I have more time since in yin yoga you are holding poses longer.

  • Invite Family and Friends to Join

Life is better when we can share our experiences with others, so why not share our meditation practice? Teach mom, dad, partner, and friends how mediation has helped you. Think of it as a way to bond.

  • Tea Infusion

  Hand mudras and their meanings can be a hassle if all you can think about if  your pinkie is where it should be. Tea is the fix you need: using a tea mug that has lid is ideal as burning yourself is not fun. Use a tea that has a scent that wakes you up and at night to help you sleep is a great way to combine two healthy habits.

  • Any combination of the above!

I pray this gives some ideas and I look forward to hearing some of your own.

Merry Christmas!- Randa 🙂