Mindsets Make the Difference

Scripture reference: Romans 8:5-7

Out mindset is like a filter we put on photos: they color a situation in a good or bad light. We can see a situation in sepia or in full color. Maybe we see an event in our lives as a photo negative filter. All these “filters” make up the photo album of our lives and give us a great tool to make adjustments in the direction we’re headed. Warn us on a dangerous path we weren’t aware we were on. Even better, changing our path is easy as one simple act a day.

Where to Start?

  We must see with as much clarity as possible the path we’re on and try to identify what got us here- what motive drove us. In my life I get tired of waiting and, as I put it, take stabs in the dark when it comes to decisions. The paths I’ve taken weren’t bad but still gave me quite a mental/spiritual sucker punch. I was left feeling more lost than before. Take time to evaluate where you are if you’re not happy because it’s not too late.

We are able to turn around! Christ will not leave us to wander off with no plan to rope us back in if we are willing to admit we don’t know everything.  It is freeing to think we don’t have to know everything. Think about it, our heavenly father arranges the details we can’t see and all we have to do is put in the work to show up, be willing go out of our comfort zone.  Be willing to master what God has given us.

Daily assignments

Whittling down a to-do list, personal and professional, is just an autopilot experience for most us. To give us strength for our daily grind, God, in His great mercy, gives us our daily bread. He gives to us daily assignments so the journey, though a long one, is broken down into doable steps. While we may not reach our destinations this minute, this week, this month, or this year, we are working toward our goal. 

As we pray/meditate: let’s not just hear what God is saying, let’s decide how we are going to complete the small, daily assignment God has given us. For me, I’m going to study and practice how to make writing these posts more interesting. Practice writing more clearly with a clear theme and intention.

What small step will you take today? 

Blessing and Peace—Randa 🙂 










The Saviour you need, not the Saviour you want

Christ has risen giving us victory over death today. Because of Christ sacrifice, we are given eternal life and a million second chances. While many of us know these basic facts, how many of us are readily available to admit God’s way is right in face of temptations we face and when our plans are frustrated? I know I need a lot of help in admitting Gods right only because I get what I need from God confused with what I want from God.

What we want and what we need are vastly different. This contrast is heavily seen when it comes to our prayer life.  Praying without ceasing can become ineffective if we treat our prayer time as rubbing a genie’s lamp. God is not granting wishes, He’s transforming us into His holy likeness which means we are denied the easy way every time. Praying for strength in our spiritual character means we will face situations to practice a skill we don’t possess.  

Think of it this way, we don’t grow when life is easy or when we get everything we want. Influences of the world around us make it harder because easy has become the goal for daily life. Easy commutes, easy ways to pay, easy ways to search… the list continues. As followers of Christ, we are called to a higher standard of living. We walk a narrow path that cleaves the unnecessary dead weight we don’t need to make room for the great blessings God has promised His people if they will abandon their way of life to following His footsteps.

Daily Challenge: Read the passages you do read normally, but read them as they are with no devotional tone. Allow the scripture to reveal who Christ really, not who you’ve been told He is or think He is. Or how you wish He were. Meditate and pray for God to reveal Himself to you.

Blessings and Peace :)- Randa!






Banish Office Stress with Meditation


An office mediation because we all have one person in our work family we’re proud we haven’t killed yet. And because why not make your lunch break productive. All you need is two minutes even if the only break you have is a bathroom break. Take time for self-care; you’re worth it!

Keep reading for simple meditations you can do anywhere, even at work.

a. In a seated position, place palms on your knees or in any mudra you choose. Inhale and exhale deeply to center yourself. Imagine a place you feel safe and connected to the purpose you serve. The image can a hobby you enjoy after work or the success of an upcoming meeting. Make it personal to you.  Use the image to empower you, encourage you on days when you feel less than motivated.

b.Start by recalling a situation from today where you’d like a do-over.  With each breath immerse yourself in the lesson (offer a prayer on what the lesson is if you’re not sure). Give yourself over to God’s amazing grace with each breath. Embrace the millions of moments you have to respond in a fashion suited to who you are in Christ, not to who you are in when ruled by emotions.

c. You just left work and, like me, dreading traffic. Before you pull out and embrace the rage take calming deep breaths. Write your inner script so when you get cut off your not so tempted to scream how stupid other drivers are. Create an example in your mind and visualize some reactions that aren’t rooted in frustration and anger. As your driving, observe the amount of tension in your hands, hips, and face. Intentionally let go of the tension with deep breathes. Compare this drive home to that of yesterday’s- see any difference?

Leave a comment if you liked the post and how do you use mediation at work? I’d love to hear from you!

Blessing and Peace- Randa 🙂


Meditation Myths and 1 Truth


Your mind has to be quiet

I read somewhere that for your mind to be completely quiet you’d have to have a lobotomy. Or be dead. Our minds shouldn’t be set to quiet, instead, we should observe each thought without engaging each one. We can even learn from this flow of thoughts drifting in and out of the gray matter. To better guide wayward thoughts we can use mantras or chants’ in our meditation practice. As an example, chakras have corresponding sounds you can chant to engage each chakra if your focus is on, say, the root chakra.

There is only one way to meditate

This myth is half correct: your breath has to be a focal point for meditation to be done right. We can feel pressured to sit a certain way or that we have to chant, but you don’t. Meditate how you feel comfortable in a way you get the healing benefits of meditation. Create your own mantra, use music and images. Do whatever meets your meditation needs. I love to use yin yoga as a place of meditation since a sequence helps lessen distractions.

Mediation is easy

For those of us who have meditated, we know it is not easy. Today I sat still, breathing in and out looking at a pile of clothes I needed to hang up, cat hair on my yoga mat, and thinking about the dishes in the sink. A long to-do list filled to the brim is just one distraction mediators face. Family members interrupt just as we are settling into a peaceful state with a request or our phones ring.Mediation becomes easier as we learn to see how important self-care is to our overall health. Putting yourself first isn’t selfish when it comes to your health.

Meditation is about escape

No myth to bust here! Meditation is an escape from the general chaos of life, a place of our own making to run to or to use as preparation for the day. When we pray this is essentially what we are doing. We are pulling away from the world to seek guidance, to praise God for the blessing we have, or praying for God to help someone in our lives. Escape away my meditation friends, you’ll be better off than those knee-deep in reality with no way to reduce stress

Share with a friend who may be resisting the powerful pull of meditation and let me know in the comments how you would banish meditation myths.

Blessing and Peace-Randa:)

How Finding Truth Leads to Great Peace


Can you recall any damaging words that loop like a clip on a security camera in your mind? What about some decisions still digging into your soul refusing to let you have peace?Combine those words and those decisions create an identity of who we believe we are.  The truth is an identity rooted in our past, which we can do nothing about, destroys our true identity. It ties us up in knots until we decide to start restoring ourselves each day  by making  choices we can be proud of. Begin the war to reclaim your true nature, who God made you to be.

In 1st Peter ch.2 verse 10 it says we who believe and have accepted Christ as the Son of God belong to Him. I understand that not all people have accepted Christ, yet all of us still have a not so rosy identity we cling too. Even believers in Christ can’t  see themselves in a positive light until God’s truth sinks in. Practice with me today as we meditate away those knots of lies that distort how we identify ourselves.Meditation is a tool to generate healing since it originates with a personal decision to practice.

Universe Meditation

Offer a prayer for courage to overcome a negative identity or just one aspect depending on what is most sensitive. As you breathe evenly envision space expanding before you.  Keep the eyes open with a soft gaze or close the eyes if you feel more comfortable. When you are ready, picture yourself floating in that expanding universe.

Continue to see yourself floating and grab your journal or notepad. On one side write down what you believe about yourself, thoughts that always bring you down. It can be a list or short paragraph. Then, on the other side write down the opposite of what you just wrote. Each truth becoming a healing light in your universe, a star being born to light up the darkness! For example, “I am a failure because I can’t multitask well.” (Lie) vs. I am a detailed oriented person who loves to do the job right the first time by making sure each step is perfect.” (Truth).  For each aspect, search for the truth underneath what holds you back from living the abundant life you can have.

Finish with a prayer of thanks that God is accessible and cares about helping us find the truth. Sit for a few breathes to let these truths sink in allowing time for a heavenly response. Thank you for taking time of your day to invest in yourself, be blessed!

Living in truth can be hard because we grow stagnant in our negative ways of thinking- a sense of hopelessness sets in. I encourage you to never give up fighting for truth since your life matters and who are is your personal brand for others to see. Let that brand be world class, let it be a brand to inspire life-giving decisions leading to fewer regrets. Be proud of the unique gifts given to you so the world is better off than when you came in (Philippians 2:17).

Blessings and Peace-Randa 🙂

Moments of Peace


Moments of Mindfulness

We don’t always have enough time to dedicate to our meditation practice or prayer life the way we envision. Or feel pressured we aren’t praying/meditating the correct way in the correct amount of time. Adding in Christmas to-do list only shortens this time, so how can we pencil in moments of peace? Keep reading to find three methods that already exist in our daily lives.

1.Hot Cocoa Second

Take a break from being run over aisle after aisle and cursing at red lights as you rush to get to the mall for last minute deals and drink some cocoa. Hit up the best hot cocoa place (or coffee if you prefer) for some much sought after moments of peace. Decide to enjoy the watching the hustle and bustle of life buzzing around you. Meditate on reasons your thankful this Christmas by let this moment be a gift to yourself. Allow the feeling of rushing to the next store or gathering take back seat.

2. 3 Minute Selfie

If your traveling or hosting this year take a 3 minute selfie just for you and I don’t mean taking pictures of yourself for three minutes. I do mean picking out three beauty items that you can use in the morning and at night to re-set your mind. Each morning and night I use these 3 items as a transition and meditation to signal a change in intention for AM and PM. Taking this little amount of time to invest in looking your best re-centers your energy plus ensure you have a leg up for those holiday photos looking glowing and gorgeous!

3. Faith Craft Jar

Nothing in stores impressing you or seem to say “You mean the World to me!”? Inspired by the James L. Rubart book The Long Journey to Jake Palmer,try this unique last minute gift packing a meaningful punch filled with heart. All you need is a flat surface mason jar, labels that stick to outside, hot glue gun, and a small to medium figurine that will fit inside the jar. The only rule is the figure has to remind you or represent the person you are making it for. Write on the labels positive messages and scriptures to encourage them. Now throughout the year they will have a gift that truly keeps on giving.

How does this jar center us and give us a moment of peace? Simple, while we are encouraging others we are reminding ourselves of the true meaning of the season: Love. The love of a Savior, Jesus Himself, that created us and would by His sacrifice save us from ourselves and imbue us with His power to overcome this world. Enjoy pouring your love and appreciation into the jar so those we love never feel without it.

Merry Christmas!- Randa 🙂