Mindsets Make the Difference

Scripture reference: Romans 8:5-7

Out mindset is like a filter we put on photos: they color a situation in a good or bad light. We can see a situation in sepia or in full color. Maybe we see an event in our lives as a photo negative filter. All these “filters” make up the photo album of our lives and give us a great tool to make adjustments in the direction we’re headed. Warn us on a dangerous path we weren’t aware we were on. Even better, changing our path is easy as one simple act a day.

Where to Start?

  We must see with as much clarity as possible the path we’re on and try to identify what got us here- what motive drove us. In my life I get tired of waiting and, as I put it, take stabs in the dark when it comes to decisions. The paths I’ve taken weren’t bad but still gave me quite a mental/spiritual sucker punch. I was left feeling more lost than before. Take time to evaluate where you are if you’re not happy because it’s not too late.

We are able to turn around! Christ will not leave us to wander off with no plan to rope us back in if we are willing to admit we don’t know everything.  It is freeing to think we don’t have to know everything. Think about it, our heavenly father arranges the details we can’t see and all we have to do is put in the work to show up, be willing go out of our comfort zone.  Be willing to master what God has given us.

Daily assignments

Whittling down a to-do list, personal and professional, is just an autopilot experience for most us. To give us strength for our daily grind, God, in His great mercy, gives us our daily bread. He gives to us daily assignments so the journey, though a long one, is broken down into doable steps. While we may not reach our destinations this minute, this week, this month, or this year, we are working toward our goal. 

As we pray/meditate: let’s not just hear what God is saying, let’s decide how we are going to complete the small, daily assignment God has given us. For me, I’m going to study and practice how to make writing these posts more interesting. Practice writing more clearly with a clear theme and intention.

What small step will you take today? 

Blessing and Peace—Randa 🙂 










Take Off Your Rose Colored Glasses

Scripture reference: Romans 7: 14-25 (CSB translation)

January of 2018, I didn’t make any resolutions. I didn’t make any plans or map out goals on how I was going to champion 2018 instead, I made myself a promise. A promise to not lie about anything regarding who I am or how I feel.  Lies, even white lies, are heralds of disaster as the long game is impossible to predict. Lying is against my moral compass, as a believer in Christ but of course, that compass is held by a very human hand. Mistakes are made, but it’s how I recover by removing the rose-colored glasses to keeping me blinded to changes I must make. 

Thinking positive is a hoax fed to us by so many that the real culprit is never going to be found. While I’m not against being happy or clinging to a gold nugget of joy, I don’t see how crushing my feelings in a box painted with “the best is yet to come”, peace signs’, and yellow smiling faces are going to make any of us feel better. Happier. Embracing our struggles is not giving up and wallowing in the past defeats. It’s a step in living a life that can impact our world. We remove our blinders going forth into a world full of people who are still blind.  Paul writes to us in Romans with a perfect example of what I’m trying to say.

Verses 22-23, “For in my inner self I delight in God’s law, but I see a different law in the parts of my body, waging war against the law of my mind and taking me prisoner to the law of sin in the parts of my body.” Here, Paul is being honest with himself about his struggle as a follower of Christ, not painting his struggle with a happy shiny lie and a smiling face.  Once we’ve stopped lying to ourselves we can see the problem a clearer now that our pain isn’t dressed up in a pink tutu. It’s then “by the spirit we put to death the deeds of the body” we can live an authentic joy filed life.  We see where our challenges are and how much we need God to lead us.

Blessing and Peace :),


The Saviour you need, not the Saviour you want

Christ has risen giving us victory over death today. Because of Christ sacrifice, we are given eternal life and a million second chances. While many of us know these basic facts, how many of us are readily available to admit God’s way is right in face of temptations we face and when our plans are frustrated? I know I need a lot of help in admitting Gods right only because I get what I need from God confused with what I want from God.

What we want and what we need are vastly different. This contrast is heavily seen when it comes to our prayer life.  Praying without ceasing can become ineffective if we treat our prayer time as rubbing a genie’s lamp. God is not granting wishes, He’s transforming us into His holy likeness which means we are denied the easy way every time. Praying for strength in our spiritual character means we will face situations to practice a skill we don’t possess.  

Think of it this way, we don’t grow when life is easy or when we get everything we want. Influences of the world around us make it harder because easy has become the goal for daily life. Easy commutes, easy ways to pay, easy ways to search… the list continues. As followers of Christ, we are called to a higher standard of living. We walk a narrow path that cleaves the unnecessary dead weight we don’t need to make room for the great blessings God has promised His people if they will abandon their way of life to following His footsteps.

Daily Challenge: Read the passages you do read normally, but read them as they are with no devotional tone. Allow the scripture to reveal who Christ really, not who you’ve been told He is or think He is. Or how you wish He were. Meditate and pray for God to reveal Himself to you.

Blessings and Peace :)- Randa!







What’s That Smell-My Morning Meditation

Mediation is joy and the ways to feel such joy depends on the practitioner. I like sound when I can’t turn my mind off, yet I’ve been captivated by scent and not sound. Since discovering my inner tea lover just the smell of black tea is all I need to transport me to a safe place. Each morning can just mesh with the day, no real start just that I woke up. That changed this past week as I discovered the value of silence.

Getting up early is a chore I’ve struggled with my whole life yet has a higher value now. At 6:30 I get my tea ready and while it steeps I let myself ignore the clock, the fact I have to be at work soon and generate a mental barrier between me and the world. For 30 minutes it’s me accompanied by golden silence. Once I begin to drink the tea I focus on my breath emptying my mind to create a clean slate for the busyness of the day ahead.  Reading my devotional bible I use this time to pray seeking guidance for the day. Just this much “me time” is enough. This is my meditation practice now. I wonder what changes await me in the next evolution?

However you mediate, celebrate your journey by giving into what gives you joy! Walk and meditate, journal and mediate; use essential oils, sit in the sun… whatever moves you.

Let me know how your practice has grown in the comments or on any of my social media links! I would love to hear from you.

Blessing and Peace-Randa 🙂

Separate to Grow Closer

Separation anxiety affects mostly children yet teens up to age 18 (about 4-5 percent) can suffer as well. This type of anxiety is described as different” from normal clinginess. Children with the disorder can’t think about anything but the present fear of separation. They may have nightmares or regular physical complaints. ”  I’m sure each of us has experienced the panic or have had pets who made us furious because of their anxiety (separation anxiety can affect pets). However, I challenge you to re-think what separation anxiety means in your own life. What or who is keeping you from growing?  What lifestyle choices always pull up back in? Maybe it’s time to learn to separate and see you can stand on your own two feet.

As stated in a previous post, I know soda is bad for me.I’ve separated myself, but withdraw is painful. What comes to mind when you think about an area of your own life where you need to separate but pain will be involved? Sadly, our tribe, as its said nowadays, is a sum of who are or want to become. Thus, it pays to be careful who has access to your emotional currency and time. Both can bankrupt you when relationship boundaries are not clear. Separation is the answer for both parties to establish or reinforce boundaries if this is the case. Taking time out of the relationship does not mean your done, it means you care enough about the other person to work on yourself. To heal mentally from past damage to create a stronger relationship when reunited. As a disclaimer: I am not an expert but this method has worked for me in the past. Let prayer be your guide on any decision. 

Removing obstacles in our way to an abundant life using separation reveals true motivation hidden in our decision-making processes and lifestyle choices.  While researching for this post, I discovered I suffered from separation anxiety as a child when I thought I just loved my dad that much. Which is strange because we never really got along. A classic example of reveling true motive is with eating. Food becomes a place of comfort, not nourishment making the root of weight gain a distorted attitude toward food, not gluttony. The movie Tron: Legacy has a quote that sums up why  separating ourselves isn’t a punishment, but a retreat: “Take yourself of the equation.”  This means our answers to our problem is to separate from our regular pattern, to voluntarily take a step back. Again, we’re not giving up we’re trying to fix what is wrong- become objective. Be open to getting advice from trusted sources and pray about the areas we may have contributed to our own misery.

I haven’t met one person who enjoys being miserable and I’m sure you don’t want to be either. So in closing, I encourage you to “take yourself of the equation.” Create distance from what troubles you to get a battle plan together. I understand with people it can be hard to do so in that case, go on a weekend trip or visit family you haven’t seen in a while who can help you decide what to do next. You don’t have to spend 40 years in a desert to change your life. Embrace your anxiety to root out why blank causes you to be abnormally fearful of making changes. What has running gotten you that facing down your inner demons won’t? Distance will feel lonely but take comfort that no distance can separate from the love of Christ.

Blessings and Peace- Randa 🙂 

Image from up UnSplash.com taken by John Towner.

Escaping Discouragement

Ever feel like a crazy guy living in a bomb shelter thinking the government is out to get him? This is how I see being discouraged: trapped and paranoid. Allowing these feelings to persist taints everyday life keeping us from progressing into our best selves. Although discouragement is a natural part of life not taking action to snap out of a trapped mindset will keep us in the bomb shelter.  And just like a doomsday prepper, gear up mentally and physically to fight off the evil effects of discouragement.

Realize your part in the discouragement

A pattern is great for a skirt or fancy suit, but knowing our personal patterns on how we deal with discouragement is crucial. No matter how tempting it is to say “It’s not my fault!” we do have a role in allowing discouragement set in. Maybe jumping into a challenge we know were not ready for at work, getting back with an ex who hurt us, or giving unmerited advice to a friend. Think back to a time when a habit caused you to be discouraged when the outcome wasn’t what you expected. Better yet, what habits caused someone you love to be discouraged because of how you responded or not responded.

Start a list of what is right in your world

List everything that encouraged you from past experience, inspiring quotes and verse’s, and awards you’ve won. Any event or memory that uplifts you. Recite God’s promises regarding what has discouraged you out loud as to dispel bad energy. I do this by thinking about what I have accomplished and what has happened in my favor. My favorite verses to say out loud is who God says I am, not who I say I am.

Don’t Dwell, Get Moving

Take a walk, do yoga, anything that gets you physically moving: STOP thinking about your discouragement! Focusing on your discouragement will lead to rapid growth of a virus programmed to halt your progress of becoming who God made you to be. Have a to-do list you’ve been avoiding? A bathroom needing cleaning? Start there! By completing your to-do list you have a whole list of positive achievements to focus on. Using active movement manifests in the spiritual world a weapon of mass destruction to breaks deadly chains. 

What methods do you use to prop yourself up? Let me know in the comments below.

Blessing and Peace-Randa 🙂

How Finding Truth Leads to Great Peace


Can you recall any damaging words that loop like a clip on a security camera in your mind? What about some decisions still digging into your soul refusing to let you have peace?Combine those words and those decisions create an identity of who we believe we are.  The truth is an identity rooted in our past, which we can do nothing about, destroys our true identity. It ties us up in knots until we decide to start restoring ourselves each day  by making  choices we can be proud of. Begin the war to reclaim your true nature, who God made you to be.

In 1st Peter ch.2 verse 10 it says we who believe and have accepted Christ as the Son of God belong to Him. I understand that not all people have accepted Christ, yet all of us still have a not so rosy identity we cling too. Even believers in Christ can’t  see themselves in a positive light until God’s truth sinks in. Practice with me today as we meditate away those knots of lies that distort how we identify ourselves.Meditation is a tool to generate healing since it originates with a personal decision to practice.

Universe Meditation

Offer a prayer for courage to overcome a negative identity or just one aspect depending on what is most sensitive. As you breathe evenly envision space expanding before you.  Keep the eyes open with a soft gaze or close the eyes if you feel more comfortable. When you are ready, picture yourself floating in that expanding universe.

Continue to see yourself floating and grab your journal or notepad. On one side write down what you believe about yourself, thoughts that always bring you down. It can be a list or short paragraph. Then, on the other side write down the opposite of what you just wrote. Each truth becoming a healing light in your universe, a star being born to light up the darkness! For example, “I am a failure because I can’t multitask well.” (Lie) vs. I am a detailed oriented person who loves to do the job right the first time by making sure each step is perfect.” (Truth).  For each aspect, search for the truth underneath what holds you back from living the abundant life you can have.

Finish with a prayer of thanks that God is accessible and cares about helping us find the truth. Sit for a few breathes to let these truths sink in allowing time for a heavenly response. Thank you for taking time of your day to invest in yourself, be blessed!

Living in truth can be hard because we grow stagnant in our negative ways of thinking- a sense of hopelessness sets in. I encourage you to never give up fighting for truth since your life matters and who are is your personal brand for others to see. Let that brand be world class, let it be a brand to inspire life-giving decisions leading to fewer regrets. Be proud of the unique gifts given to you so the world is better off than when you came in (Philippians 2:17).

Blessings and Peace-Randa 🙂