No More Lonely People

We know what it feels like to be crushingly alone. Maybe if you’re like me being alone, as a choice, is your preferred way to spend time. Yet, when you’re forced to be alone even God seems to be miles away.  We then meet and make “friends” with Loneliness.  As Loneliness settles into various cracks and corners of our minds we sink deeper into the abyss with the surface fading fast.  This is the time to remember Christ is our eternal friend, who “sticks closer than a brother”. Christ can seem distant based on our feelings, but feelings aren’t absolute truth. 

Harsh as the above statement is when walking through loneliness, we need to hear it. Feelings are changeable. So how do we change how we feel? Change out routine for starters. Visualize loneliness as a starving, ravenously hungry monster just released from prison. To gather strength, it eats comfort food, easy to find comfort food (ex. the reasons why we’re lonely). Changing our thoughts isn’t what I’m talking about. I mean to take physical action to continue to starve our loneliness further beginning the process of freedom.

Ways to starve the “monster”:

  • Put down the phone.

Studies have shown social media increases a discontent in our lives. We don’t think about our browsing others’ lives deep enough until we look at our own page. We don’t have the smiling group, amazing cruise photo’s, our kids aren’t winning trophies like that etc. It has become routine for us to live in a digital backyard gazing longingly into the windows of other people. So, put down your phone and take a walk. Science has proven walking increase feel-good hormones.

  • Satisfy your curiosity.

All this method takes is a car, maybe coffee/tea if you’re tired, and the library. What has you curious, what have you always wanted to know more about? Distract yourself constructively while learning about what modern décor goes best with your star sign, how to defend your relationship to Christ, how to meal plan food with flavor, or how to draw 3D art. The world is your oyster!  

  • Volunteer

There are many causes needing (wo)man power to make the difference. Giving money is a start, but it’s a soul-lifting feeling to hands-on see what your hard work creates. If you attend church I can guarantee one ministry or another needs help. If you just donate some items and pass them out at outreach event you claimed a victory over the “monster”.

  • Take yourself on a date!

Is a concert coming up? A new restaurant you’ve wanted to try? Go do those things! You are an amazing person so don’t wait for someone else to tell you that! Treat yourself has become meme worthy, trivializing it, but take back what it means to love yourself and do what makes you happy! If eating alone is scary, order takeout from that new restaurant and sit in the park listening to a podcast (I suggest Rabbits).

My hope is this post is some help to those who are feeling lonely today. Know Christ is ever present and a whisper away. Take a chance today because you are awesome- I mean that.


Bad Habits Be Gone!

Placeholder ImageSaying “I want to break ______ in my life. It’s a bad habit of mine” is not saying enough.  Year after year  the previous statement leads to a pile up of bad habits creating a chaos in our lives with nothing to hold them in check. Today’s mediation focuses on finding those root causes of why  we don’t see victory over bad habits. I’ll openly admit I drink too much soda and go through drive-thru’s  on a weekly basis, but saying soda and fast food are “bad habits” is like calling a lion a cuddly kitty cat. Both are damaging to my health in ways I don’t want to think about, yet that is the problem: we don’t think about why we do what we do,nor do we pray to ask God to help us achieve victory over them.  In Psalms 35:3 David, the writer or Psalms, asks God to say “I will give you victory!” Even better,  we already have that victorious power to overcome if we will just ask (Romans 8:37).

Below will detail the meditation for rooting out why we don’t experience victory over what aims to control our future  by binding us in stagnation. There is no time limit so you can take five minutes or less all depending on your preference. Let this be a time for self-care where you pour back in to replenish your energy expended in daily life.

Victorious Meditation

Start with simple prayer asking for victory over your bad habit(s). If you are choosing to journal your progress, write down your intention of achieving victory over _______.  Do this for each habit you want to root out so you can record each root cause individually.  After starting your journal connect to your breath for a few minutes to center your mind. 

A few ideas to let dwell in the back of your mind while you meditate are: When did you begin? Who introduced to this custom or who did you observe doing this? How old were you?  What emotions rush to the surface when you meditate? Don’t force any of the answers or try to name the root of the habit now, this is a time to just be present with your breath and spirit.  Save all reactions for when you journal or reflect after the mediation.  

End your time by inhaling and exhaling to re-centering yourself in the present repeating in a whisper: “I have the power to change.” Feel free to make this personal by adding what habit you want to change. Do a few Lions Breath as well to build a roaring  fire under  your willpower.

Thank You for taking time to nourish your spirit today and for taking time to read this post. Leave a comment below if you enjoyed as I would love to hear from you!

Blessing and Peace- Randa 🙂